Precise Timing


The PX464S is a one or two channel fully programmable pulse generator that allows the generation of precisely timed pulses of programmable freq., pulse width, delay and amplitude.

EM405-8 Scripting Utilities

The scripting utilities of the EM405-8 M-Module Bridge provide enhanced programming capabilities allowing the user to embed software on the bridge itself to improve performance and further integrate a


A precision oscillator source that provides a highly accurate and stable clock reference that can be used as a frequency or time reference that can be used as a frequency or time reference.


The M227 provides a variety of clock, counter and timer functions, including a number of derived counter outputs and three (3) 32-bit counters.


The AMi4000 is an M-Module carrier and forms the basis of a flexible I/O system. It offers the user a means of integrating a mix of M-Modules in a VMEbus system.


A PXI/cPCI M-Module Carrier for 3U PXI and cPCI that features a high-performance PCI bus gateway and two M-Module mounting sockets.


The AMi3000 M-Module Carrier for Compact PCI (cPCI) bus features a compact high-performance PCI bus gateway to the M-Module interface. One M-Module mounting socket is provided by this carrier.

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